In today’s marketplace, finding top talent can be difficult, therefore securing top talent is a must.

Whether your need is for temporary or permanent resources, in one or multiple locations, we are here to provide you with insights that will help you determine the recruitment solution that best suit your organization needs.

Our services are flexible and designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your recruitment and manpower planning needs.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships.

  • Headhunting Services
  • Pre-Employment Screening Services
  • Outsource Interviewer Services
  • HR Assessment Form Customization
  • Career Fair
  • Recruitment Consultation

Why us, you ask?

Focus of Priorities

HR team can spend their quality time focusing on matters that are more crucial to the company such as the management of crises, planning and executing tasks that target the company’s direction. In this case, we can assist in searching the suitable talent for the vacant position. We will be able to help the company in reaching out to candidates while conversing and discussing the best career expectations of the position and if their available skill-set matches it too. It also allows the employer to skip one step on the hiring process where we will introduce to you a ‘candidate’ rather than lose time on going through ‘applicants’.

Knowledge of the Market

We are able to provide professional advice to different companies regarding the latest market trends so that the company can pick the best candidate for your company’s advantage. We will be able to pin-point which talent and also the highs and lows of specialist markets. Plus, we are also will be able to give clients an insight into what is happening within the industry. We will know where and how to reach out to the best talents, suggest salary rates and also advise on career expectations. Should the situation get sticky, we should be able to give advice on alternative solutions. In this aspect too, we are able to fill interim roles.


We have an extensive database of talents of whom we have interviewed in order to know the candidates’ personalities as well as knowledge-level and experiences. From this, we are able to propose to you the suitable candidates according to your needs and wants such as which industry the candidate is from or if they can be of benefit to the company too.


Employers engage our services with the reasonable and affordable price without going over the top with the budget allocated. We can always customize the special package based on your needs.

Our Achievement so Far


More than 25,000 candidates
reaching us.


At least 25 placements per month
in average.

Success Rate

Above 75% of successful rate out of the all cases we handled.


Automotive &

One of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding careers.
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Customer Service &
Call Centers

Join us if you’re passionate about building relationships and offering amazing support.
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Financial &

Concerned with the summary, analysis, and reporting of financial transactions pertaining to a business?
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Food &

Let’s learn the latest food trends, skills set, recipe in management along with your career development.
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Hospitality, Healthcare
& Tourism

The fast-growing multi-billion dollars businesses which represent the future of life.
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Human Resource &

We will explore the optimum resource efficiency and flexibility in increasing the company assets.
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Contribute your skills and knowledge to the constantly evolving digital world.
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Logistics, Supply Chain
& Procurement

A network of the manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers for you to explore further.
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Manufacturing &

We effectively manage complex industry challenges.
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Property &

Our focus is on the success, prosperity, and growth of the country development sector.
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Retail, Sales
& Marketing

Empowered the way of a business and unleash your sales talent!
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Our placement is covering talents for various positions.

  • From the ground to the higher level of management
  • From general staffing to professional
  • From non-technical to technical


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