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New to HR and this is the first time conducting a hiring interview?

Knowing how to interview can be a challenge. Learning how to conduct an interview and how to be a good interviewer is a crucial step to hiring the best candidates for your company. Preparing and conducting a recruitment interview is not easy. Conducting an interview isn’t always fun and it doesn’t come all that naturally to lots of people.

No worry, we are here to assist. With an exclusive one-to-one HR Consultation, we will guide you step by step and lead you to experience a real live session to achieve an effective interview. Effective interviews bring you one step closer to hiring the right people to reinforce your team.

How does it work?

4 hours session – You will be getting:

  1. A full cycle of Interview Content Outline
  2. Pre-Interview Preparation Guideline
  3. 1-to-1 coaching on the effective interview skill
  4. Interview Scorecards/Analytical Report
  5. Post-Interview Consultation

What’s the benefit?

Prebuilt Processes

A Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) guidance will be applying in the recruitment process for a clearer direction on steps to achieve your hiring goal.

Expertise Training

We provide a side-by-side live session in leading the interviewer to prop the suitable and relevant interview questions to evaluate the criteria fulfillment of an interviewee.

Higher Level of Accuracy

We will present effective interview skills to you to ensure a more precise outcome and helps to prevent staff turnover.

Make Better Decisions Faster

With a proper guideline and simplification of the recruitment process, you will have a clear mindset and less hesitation in making the right hiring decision.

Save Time

A well-defined guided recruitment process in place could help to improve the hiring efficiency, as well as to streamline the communication between people and organizations.

Having an inquiry? Get in touch with us at admin@hirelo.com.my for more info!