GenXYZ: Profile Pictures That’s Worth A Million Dollars

Profile pictures a.k.a display picture one of the things that you can use to produce a good long-lasting first impression, particularly in a new working environment. It is what makes you stand out from the crowd, it is what makes you the encourager in a room full of critics. There is a saying that goes “Stars don’t beg the world for attention; their beauty forces us to look up”. Having said that, you will need to work hard to be that beautiful star in hopes of having the people to look up at you and notice you.

Profile pictures is done based on the workforce and work ethics of a generation and how determined they are to catch people’s eye. Generation is a group of people born around the same time and raised around the same location. Generation is not a box, instead they are powerful clues showing where to begin connecting with and influencing people of different ages. The generations vary so it is important to know the years when each generation begins and ends. These are the few following generations:

  • Generation X (Baby Bust) 1965 – 1979
  • Generation Y (Millennials) 1980 – 1994
  • Generation Z (iGen) 1995 – 2012

Evidently, you would notice the differences between each of the generations and their efforts in creating their profile pictures. This is because every generation has their own distinct work ethics. For instance, Gen X is one of the best-educated generation. They expect a job that not only offers work-life balance but also supplies individual advancement, with that being said you would expect a professional and outstanding profile picture. However, Gen Y is different. They have a confident demeanour to attain an occupation that is meaningful. Making a difference is really important to them and they prefer immediate feedback, additionally they are also more creative in terms of what they do. From this you would await to see a more creative and meaningful profile picture, that provides you with the impression of astonishment. Furthermore, there is the Gen Z. These group of people love being their own boss. They typically, when placed in the right circumstances has outside the box thinking skills on how to bring in income. They can be referred to ‘Gods’ on social media because the skills they possess to generate income from it. Nonetheless, you can expect a profile photo that is less professional but more casual and special.

Why are profile pictures so vital for your career? One of the reasons is due to your photo is your own personal brand. It determines what kind of message you want to send to others. Your profile picture also gives out clues of your own personality, and it decides whether you wish to be seen as cheerful and friendly or authoritative and serious. Another key factor that concerns profile pictures is credibility. To be successful in this era, most professional jobs require knowledge and skills with social media. Profile that goes without photos are usually not that active or just an outdated account. And little to none employers are willing to take the risk of hiring someone that is deemed clueless. Additionally, there are so many “spam” profiles out there to collect information. These fake profiles usually either have a photo of an extremely attractive professional-looking model or no photo at all, obviously any employer in their right mind would know that they are fake and of course, recruiters in particular do not want to waste their time with fictional people.

As Lois McMaster Bujold once said “A stunning first impression is not that same thing as love at first sight, but surely it is an invitation to consider the matter.” Profile picture plays a big role in a stunning first impression. Do not forget that you only have one chance to make an astonishing first impression, in this case, the profile picture. People naturally form opinions in the first few moments of meeting someone, so thinking of how to portray yourself through a profile picture is a staple.

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