Head Hunting: How to Excel

Each year there are new technologies being invented, and the increasing number of tools being developed to assist in “taking recruitment to the next level”. The issue is, all of these wonderful breakthrough would be in vain due to inadequate behavior of the recruiter. Additionally, if companies really want to cut or lower their costings on recruitment agencies, then they should begin hiring individuals with the same skills and profile relevant to recruitment rather than promoting an individual who is not passionate about it or demoting someone from a department and sending them into recruitment.

Recruitment primarily focuses on communicating with candidates, but before that even happens, you must possess an approachable demeanor. This trait is essential for future business purposes because it enables you to build positive professional relationships with clients and candidates. If this trait is not present, candidates will feel uncomfortable, but if it is done correctly, rapport will be created, and trust will be built between two parties. In time, these relationships will benefit deals with customers and prospects, maybe even the agency would be recommended to other people.

Furthermore, being approachable is one thing and having strong communication skills right after being approached is another, after all recruitment relies heavily on how effective communication and soft skills are, so it is key for a recruiter to be good at communicating face-to-face as well as social media. Customers and prospects will always be expecting updates because they like to be kept in the loop, so as a recruiter, ensure that updates such as e-newsletter or new job opportunities will be sent out as frequently as possible.

Moreover, one of the better qualities of a good recruiter is having a hunter’s mentality. There is a number of methods sourcing out for talents nowadays, especially with the internet right at our finger tips. There is an innumerable amount of websites out there that provides tools all for the purpose of making a recruiter’s life a walk in the park. Recruiters are big-game hunters, having the mentality to be relentless until the hunt is done is one good thing, but if recruiters can keep up that spirit for the rest of their career as a recruiter, it would be priceless. If a recruiter is seen sitting on a desk and searching keywords for countless hours for days then chances are, they are not the one. However, someone that is willing to go through highs and lows to search for the best, strongest and most-qualified individuals is more suited for the role.

In conclusion, even with the modern breakthroughs that we are achieving, it will not matter if the individual is not fitted for the recruitment role. Companies will have to consider the variables, putting the qualities and traits of the recruiter to the test before they are to be hired.

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