How-to: Disrupt Leadership in 3 essential ways

The Centre of Creative Leadership (CCL) has recently shone some light on the topic leadership, and how emerging or current technologies, customer preferences, demographic shifts and sharing economies are warping our methods of working as well as leadership. This session saw the new launch of a new whitepaper, Leadership, Disrupted: How to prepare yourself to lead in a disruptive world. Having said that, we have listed down the three key points for every Chief Human Resource Officer’s (CHRO) leadership disruption journey.

  1. Disrupt your role

First and foremost, disrupting your role as a CHRO is crucial when it comes to leadership disruption. One must take on new responsibilities and new roles to establish the stability and agility of your organization. There are three roles that you can take into your consideration that is:

  • A Chief Ecosystem Officer (CEO) – looks for collaborators to stimulate a movement towards a better future
  • A Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) – gathers data to increase the intelligence of the organization
  • A Chief Experience Officer (CXO) – creates engaging experiences across all channels
  1. Disrupt your identity

Moreover, leaders must adopt the appearance ideally to have strategic objectives within their grasp in their environment. While the numbers of identities may vary, here are a few that you may want to take into account:

  • Consumer. Take on the perspective of a consumer and gain the experience towards developing new and more meaningful plans
  • Neuroscientist. Understanding psychographics and behaviours will contribute in shaping innovation outcomes
  • Mad Scientist. Being creative in experimenting, having the courage to take calculated risks to explore “what if?” situations
  • Networker. Maintain relationships with people to build internal and external communities to spark “crown-accelerated” innovation
  • Politician. Engage in a number of different stakeholders with perceptive, unequivocal communications and/ or pertinent content while forming positive relationships
  1. Disrupt your meaning

With the increment on the emphasis of providing benefits to society, purpose requires leaders to expand and deepen purpose with meaning for:

  • Person. A user of the product or service with meaning, who obtains functional ad emotional benefits from experiences
  • Organization. Where there is purpose, there is value, both tangible and intangible
  • Society. Those whom your organisation directly or indirectly influence with purpose

Leaders who are capable of acquiring a consolidated vision across these 3 perspectives will have acquired with the skills needed to fulfil their leadership mission.

Citation: Sharma Kalra, A. (2018, September 3). How-to: Disrupt leadership in three essential ways. Retrieved September 5, 2018, from

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