Malaysia’s most-demand jobs in 2018

Malaysia’s most in-demand jobs of 2018

In today ever growing and evolving world, almost all of the people have a job. As the job scene slowly evolves, keeping track of the latest trends and demands in the workplace is essential. This is to ensure that people earn a spot that they deserve and are passionate about in the working world when they graduate. It is also really important that people do research on what’s trending in Malaysia, in terms of job opportunities because high demand jobs are more likely to pay off bills and bring food to the table and if anyone who is qualified enough will be gratefully accepted.

  1. Engineering

With the continuous improvement that technology provides, changes is seen in the industry and people in charge are demanding for more involvement in engineering pertinent jobs such as advanced electronics manufacturing, research and development, logistics, design, innovation and the development of an automated manufacturing sector. This is really good news for people who are currently studying engineering or engineering fresh graduates as more jobs are being created to satisfy these demands. In Malaysia by 2020, it is estimated that the country needs around 200,000 engineers.

  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

As technology rapidly grows in today’s day and age such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and big data, the necessity of an ICT professional becomes increasingly important and high demand in the workplace. ICTs usually are responsible for transforming how people work and that plays a big part in how the company is going to end up. Leaders knowing this, they are usually really desperate about seeking out ICT professionals. Some of the in-demand ICT jobs include systems analyst, software developer, applications programmer, database administrator and network engineer.

  1. Actuarial Science

According to the Actuarial Society of Malaysia, the insurance game is expected to rise in the next few coming decades. While actuaries are critically needed in them, their data-driven problem-solving skills are also needed in other fields including the financial services sectors and government bodies. This causes them to be in high demand. It is expected that regulatory developments and risk management will also face an increase, furthering the demand of more actuaries in the future.

  1. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

An occupational safety and health officer is to make sure that the work environment meets certain health and safety standards to minimize the potential occupational hazards. As we all know, in the recent years Malaysia has a number of development projects going on and with many workplace accidents reported in the media, companies need to take precautions to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Furthermore, Malaysia also lacks about 9000 safety and health officers so demand will be expected to be high for this particular profession.

  1. Education

Whatever the future holds, education plays a big part in it. This clearly portrays that how important education and how precious of a gift it can be. Speaking of education, as Malaysia progresses to become a developed country to contribute to the success of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, the demand for skillful lecturers and teachers in our higher education institutions has increased. Therefore, the sector is calling for more university and college lecturers who possesses a Masters or PhD certificate. Lecturers that specializes in medical and health sciences, sciences, languages, education and engineering are specifically required in the industry.

In conclusion, these five jobs are those of the most in-demand jobs in Malaysia. Deciding a future career path takes some time, one has to take a lot into their consideration before their mind is made up. Bear in mind that passion and interest is big when someone is searching for a career path and it will also impact your success as well.

Written By: Anson Tan

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