Revolution: Technology in HR

Human Resources departments are commonly a frenzy of activity, constantly busy and never ending but with the technological advancements that are present, it has enabled HR reps to ease out on the administrative tasks and shift their focus onto much bigger hands-on issues. In fact, thanks to these advancements, the HR function is become more mobile, analytical and adaptive with HR reps providing more insights into their research.

  1. Technology increases audience engagement

Engagement is one of the most important parts of any business, it is literally the bread and butter of what you are running, without it, no business can survive. With the technological advancements that have been happening recently, harnessing the power of mobile and cloud technology is a must. We are in the 21 century right now, frankly speaking, the world is filled with millennials and millennials want to be engaged but sometimes it has to be done really well in order for it to work. What distinguishes a traditional workplace from a modern one is the fact that with the usage of technology, people are able to access their own personal information that will bring a lot of business over the threshold.

  1. Technology transforms training programs

Training programs like Intelex creates a supportive workplace. It allows you to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to improve. Programs like these place employees to a higher level so all of them can have similar skills and knowledge. Advancements in technology have made it increasingly easier to train new employees at an efficient pace. Newbies are able to access computerized training programs from anywhere which eliminates the necessity of professionals taking time away from their work to train newcomers. There is no denying that human communication is essential in the training process as there are a lot of company practices that cannot be learned through the screen of the computer.

  1. Technology enhances performance management

Furthermore, performance management has long been an important aspect of HR. The management process, performance monitoring, supervisory feedback collection and managing processes of regular employee reviews all done with old-fashioned time-consuming meetings, performance reviews and lots of paperwork. But with all the advancements that we acquired in technology, it has eliminated the trouble of carrying out time consuming tasks. There are many applications such as TrakStar, Sage Payroll, ADP Workforce Now and so on that enables HR professionals to maximize their performance monitoring. These applications allow them to highlight particular segments where an employee needs improvement, and put the right systems in the right place to offer any additional training if needed. With the implementation of technology into the equation, training sessions can be carried out long-term and it can be an ongoing process, instead of it just being carried out everyone once in a while. It is, in the long run, better for the employees and most importantly the company itself.

In conclusion, it has been conventionally proved that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) such as mobile communication, new media and the internet can greatly contribute to the fulfillment of personnel policies of companies. Technological advancement enables the company to improve its internal processes, relevant markets organization structure and core competencies as a whole. Technology, without a doubt is a massive advantage for any given company or business.

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