Trendiest Home-based Occupations in 2018/2019

             There is no better time to work from home as the world is now ruled by the advancement of technology. At-home jobs are perfect for those who struggle to secure a local gig or tired of the boring nine-to-five working life. Some have other reasons like they need to stay home for health reasons or have to take care of their loved ones and so on. Working from home is not perfect as everything has its pros and cons. In this case, working from home will make you feel somewhat isolated but the on the contrary it offers great flexibility in time so you can achieve that work-life balance.

            With over 800 million monthly active users and over 500 million daily users, Instagram has come a long way since it originated in 2010, and business are starting to take note. In that large number of users, there is a portion of people who want to start their own business, one of the reasons being that they want to work from home. One of the most popular jobs right now on Instagram is being a remote social media manager. This is perfect for young adolescents as their lives revolve around social media and the fact that they have a really creative eye for curating content to increase brand awareness and social growth is gold for attracting audience. This is also applicable on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on because every social platform has a different set of audience and everyone has different set of skills to create engagement such as photography, editing, marketing or any other skill set which people would find interesting to follow.

            Furthermore, one of the many jobs that you can work-from-home is an online content writer. This qualifies as one of the dream jobs for someone that is creative in their words and passionate about writing. Not only that, content writing services may even benefit search engine rankings. Along with creating large quantity of content, publishing high-quality content is also really important as Google ranks your site based on their sophisticated analysis. Headlines and descriptions are crucial as they play the biggest part in terms of search engine rankings. By including keywords in your content, it can elevate the relevancy to the intended audience.

            Additionally, there is nothing quite like traveling, like seeing a new place for the first time or returning to a favorite place. If you are one of the people who likes to travel either alone or with your family, then being a virtual travel agent is your ideal job. What better way to diminish your travel bug than to work as a remote travel agent or consultant? Regardless of working part-time or full-time, spend your working hours creating itineraries, flight plans, hotels and activities for clients looking to travel far. Perks of being a virtual travel agent is you get discounts that you can take advantage of and go traveling wherever your heart desires, whether it be your family or a solo trip.

            Moreover, graphic designing is one of the best career opportunities for the young generation as it offers flexibility in time so that teenagers or young adolescents can work anywhere and it is also simple and easy to learn. Reason it being one of the best career opportunities is because graphic designing is a fast growing industry, it is best for freshers to grow frequently in this field as compare to other fields. Graphic designing also offer earnings as a freelancer at home much more that you would expect, because it has a lot of projects and its demand is very high in big companies.

            Last but not least, if someone has little to no prior experience and still looking for a flexible job to work at home then working as a transcriptionist is the suitable job for them. It essentially involves you listening to audio files and typing out what you hear. Companies usually hire people who have little to no experience because it only requires a computer and a keyboard to get started. This job not only offers flexibility in time which young adolescents really need but it also allows you to increase your knowledge. Usually you will learn to work with different software packages, conduct research in an efficient manner and even figuring out certain types of shortcut keys to save up your time. Let’s say you choose to work on medical transcripts, who knows you might learn a few new medical terms and abbreviations that would prove to be useful in the future.

            In conclusion, people are more likely to maintain their jobs if they work from home because working from home provides everything one needs, and people who do this usually are more satisfied rather than working in an office nine to five and also as mentioned above, it grants time flexibility which enables you to have a work-life balance.

Written By: Anson Tan