Why three months’ payslips is so important, you ask?

One of the most important documents to be brought by you when you go for an interview will definitely your three months’ payslips. You must be curious why would the employer ask for my payslips? Isn’t they thought that I am cheating on them on my current salary? Or they thought I just wanted a salary jump from my current company? Well, these could be one of the reasons but three months’ payslips can be more than just an evidence on what you say on your pay.

1. Payslips serve as a counteroffer.

Actually, company does not really like to play guessing game with you. What they want they want it immediately, clear and specific because guessing is a total waste of time. Hence, your payslips help them to know your current salary so that they can counter offer you a higher salary. They will never want to misplace you for something too junior or too senior that might cause job dissatisfaction later on. You might think they are lack of trust in you but in fact, in the business world, they want black and white stated clearly on the paper just for record purposes.

2. To show you have been employed by the company you stated in your resume.

Besides, payslip is more than just recent salary but it has a wide range of information including confirmation of job title, start date, performance level, and seniority. Therefore, payslips can act as a document showing that you are actually working for that company under the position in the recent period. No words are better than the black and white document in hand. You might state on your resume you work for that company, but, what will be the proved? A reference check can be one of it, however, some candidate might not even present their most current company’s colleague or supervisor as their referee which provides them an opportunity to be dishonest to the interviewer. This can also avoid spending a wrong call to the HR department of your previous company asking your status which shows unprofessional practice and wasting of time.

3. To show the exact salary bifurcation.

Salary bifurcation or known as salary breakdown is a common salary payment method other than your basic salary to employees especially those who are working on a commission based or required to travel a lot during work where allowances are necessary. Besides, salary breakdown also includes the company benefits offered to the employees. For the company to know your current salary breakdown can also help in negotiating better allowances and benefits to lure you into their team. With everything stated clearly, it eases the company to draft an offer letter for you to include all the specific salary breakdown and benefits.

4. Shows higher credibility.

After all, it is all about honesty. As what you think the employer just want to confirm that the person that they are hiring is a credible person that does not cheat on the last salary paid. At this point, you might feel offended and disadvantage as you will have lesser negotiation power over the salary offered. However, according to an article report a candidate that willing to disclose his personal details to the company shows the individual is honest and it will increase the chances of hiring.

The last question that might pop out in your mind is why do they need three months’ payslips instead of just one or two months? Well, this might just to triple confirm you on the consistency of your performance and information. In the same way, if you were the employer you surely want to hire a good credibility employee instead of an individual that has a blurred background, right? 


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